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Sample Examination 1 For 1998 Candidates CFA Le...

For exams from 2008 onward, candidates are automatically provided the curriculum readings from the CFA Institute at the time of registration for the exam. The curriculum is not provided separately in the absence of exam registration. If the student fails an exam and is allowed to retest in the same year, the CFA Institute offers a slight rebate and will not send the curriculum again (the curriculum changes only on an annual basis). If the student retests in a year other than the year of failure, he or she will receive the curriculum again, as it may have been changed. Study materials for the CFA exams are available from numerous commercial learning providers, although they are not officially endorsed. Various organizations (some officially accredited) also provide course-based preparation.[18] As of 2019, the examination includes questions on artificial intelligence, automated investment services, and mining unconventional sources of data.[19]

Sample Examination 1 for 1998 Candidates CFA Le...


On June 24, the Interior Ministry declared President Eyadema reelected for another 5-year term. According to the official tabulation, 1.56 million votes were cast, of which 52 percent were cast for Eyadema, 34 percent for UFC party candidate Gilchrist Olympio, and 10 percent for CAR party candidate Yawovi Agboyibo. Olympio, the son of elected President Sylvanus Olympio who was killed in a 1963 coup in which Eyadema participated, returned to the country briefly on April 27, May 11, and June 14 in order to accept the UFC's nomination, submit to the medical examination required of all candidates, and campaign. Gilchrist has lived in exile for reasons of personal security since an attempt on his life in northern Togo in 1992. The Government never openly arrested or prosecuted anyone in connection with this attack. 041b061a72


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