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Ballad Of A Dead Soulja

Completely lost;revenge at all cost;payback's a bitch - switch now the trick's crossed;tossed up and never to be heard of;a single witness screamin' bloody murda - murda;blast - tell me homie whatcha see now;a blind man and a dead body;I'm ready to leave town;and get my cash though;hook up with Kastro;homie had to blast on the task force;stupid coppers tried to play us out;remember that;they took my money and my stash;time to get 'em back; (Pac laughs)upon my secret arrival;two glock four-fives time for survival;death to my rivals;tell me what you want lord;nobody ever laughed after the death of a drug lord; (Pac laughs)the situation's critical;nothin' is colder;than hearin' the Ballad Of A Dead Soulja;

Ballad Of A Dead Soulja

Outro -(2Pac)this go out to Kato, Mental;all the niggaz that done passed away;(this is the Ballad of A Dead Soulja)Mutulu;Geronimo;all the down ass ridahs;all the niggaz that put it down;all the souljas;all the niggaz that go through that day-to-day struggle;(this is the Ballad of A Dead Soulja)all the niggaz that passed on;all the niggaz with ambition and money in they heart;all the niggaz that want some and that don't take none; (Pac laughs)(this is the Ballad of A Dead Soulja);police is so scared of us;oh the feds? they aware of us;they wanna see us dead;they got pictures of a nigga head;(Ballad of A Dead Soulja)tryin' to see me in chains;shit - them niggaz'll never breath again;before they put me in a cell they'll see me in hell;(cause it's the Ballad of A Dead Soulja)got my pistols cocked;run the whole muthafuckin' block;fuck the cops;the police? we run these streets, nigga;(they heard the Ballad of A Dead Soulja)these niggaz can't see me;half the world wanna be me;multi-millionaire - shit it ain't fair;but nigga, you know(it's the Ballad of A Dead Soulja)(it's the Ballad of A Dead Soulja)

"Lastonesleft" 1. Picture me doing 80 down a one way/ stuck in the trunk, call it gun play/ so I gotta keep my eyes open gettin high/ wondering why we gotta die smoking, my alibi, a different way, break then open fire cause I'm marked for death/ spending my nights like I'm the last one left Doesn't this sound familiar??? The night in Las Vegas??? He tells us about da hired shooters who shoot him, and how he goes into hiding, spending nights like he's the last one left! 2. Napolean: Only got my side cause they think Pac died nigga/last niggas with our tech/take a shot was in our vest/Pac come and catch break/nigga we the last ones left/ This one is self explanatory? If Tupac really died, why would he say "cuz they THINK Pac Died"???? "Can't C Me" 1. The Person at the beginning of the song sings: "Right before your eyez, i'll disappear from here" Sounds like Tupac doesn't it... "I'm Gettin' Money" 1. 2 min. 35 seconds into the song: "I just seen a mutherf*cker gettin banged at point blank range cos he slept on the game." Doesn't this sound like Biggie? "Where Do We Go From Here (interlude)" 1. 40 seconds into the song: "Ni***z must continue to out-think, out-step, and continue 2 outsmart, the mutherf**kin law..." Tupac is doing exactly what he said...! This way, everybody will think he's dead, like people today...

"Good Life" 1. 1st verse: "Now maybe if I die then came back, wouldn't have to slang crack" OK, now this one's obvious Bone Thugs-Resurrection CD, on track 9. 1. The 2nd second verse: (2:30?) Look at the nigga that pullin the trigger is the nigga that standin last."(?) This might have something to do with 2pac. 2. They say something like: y23 (year 2003) and then they say "nigga got killed for the love of the cheese but he cant do shit cause he's six feet deep." In the song "Hail Mary," from the 7 Day Theory, 5 seconds into the song, it seems that 2Pac whispers: "They Say I'm Dead." I'm not very sure if he does say this, but it seems like it. Email me if you want to comment on this. Check out what BLAC HAZE says at!!!!This is what is says after the cd information: The artist, Keith Muro , May 30, 1999 this is da s*** yo!!!!!! Ya fools who think I'm tupac, get it straight, i'm the realest n*****, blac Haze, my real name is Keith Muro, I live in the east coast for real, so R.I.P. to my homie tupac, enter makaveli, all ya'll don't trip on me, keep the faith in him, he won't let you down, peace out!! He says... R.I.P, Tupac, enter Makaveli, and that Makaveli won't let you down!!! What do you think that means?! Could that mean that he knows also that Tupac isn't Dead and he is coming back??? Click Here to see for yourself...! Much props to Slim Will ( on this one. "Big L-Deadly Combination feat. 2Pac" Tupac says in the end of the song:"Thats how we do it on this underground real shit nigga, now rewind this motha f*cka you know you cant help it,deadly combination boy" This track was mixed and was not created by Big L and Tupac together. (They were never in the studio together). However, it seems that Tupac recorded his verses recently and added it to the song. If the Tupac verses were really taken from some other old song, then wouldn't the other rapper originally in the song be a little angry right now that his verse was cut off and fit into Big L's new song? (If 2Pac's verses were really from another song, that means that that song MUST have featured another rapper because 2Pac says "deadly combination." "Some Bone Thugs Song (I don't know what the title is)" Someone told me that in the new Bone Thugs Cd "Resurrection, one of them says: 3 pac minus 1pac (2pac) will return in da 2 Double o add 3 fo so" This is self-explanatory!! Read it for yourself! 2pac will return in 2003!

"so if I die do the same for me, shed no tears. An Outlaw, thug livin' in this game for years. Why worry?" Tupac had already died in Las Vegas, but he doesn't want us to cry, cause he will return. He will be in this game for years to come. So don't worry. 6."Watch me paint a perfect picture, this live we living" He is telling us that what he is doing is just making everything perfect. Just like his time away just made perfection. "Made Niggaz" 1. "F*ck em' all, let em' understand my plot to get richer, much more than 6 figures..." I'm trying Pac. This is for the non-believers. He knows he needs more than 6 figures to get a political party, and it wasn't going to happen with him alive. Now with him dead he got people who would not usually buy his album, buying it. Mo money, Mo money, Mo Money!!! Edi Ameng say: 2."Picture the scenery, cause for now you gonna have to imagine. Call me yo prophet cause I predicted what was going to happen." We have to picture Tupac, cuz FOR NOW (why for now, cause he is gone, but will return) we gotta imagine him. Then he says he is a prophet. What did he predict?!?! Could he be the same Outlaw in the song, "Life of an Outlaw", that talked about planning shit 6 months in advanced. hmmmmmmmm. Yes, this is Edi. 3. "I be gettin the paper snatching, at those whose be paper snatching, will emerge like crack in the 80's." Whose doing the paper snatching? I think it is the man with a plot to get richer. Will he emerge from his hideout. "Staring Through My Rearview" 1."Staring at the world through my rearview, just looking back at the world, from another level, ya know what I mean." Do you know what he means? He's just chilling right now, watching us where no one can touch him. Remember in "White Man's World", he talks of walking off the planet only if we choose too. He chose to for now. 2."Multiple gunshots fill the block, the fun stops, niggaz is callin cops, people shot, nobody stop, I wonder when the world stop caring last night, two kids shot, while the whole block staring..." This sounds like the night in Las Vegas, except that pac substitutes him and Suge with Two kids. My man Dark Vendetta says thats a metaphor.. 3."Tell me, will my enemies flee when they see me." If you were Puffy, what would you do, if Pac returned? 7."LISTEN, through the intermission, search your heart for a plan, and we turning bad boys to grown men, its on again." 4.Intermission(now til 2003). Bad Boy(Puffy and who ever else on his side). And why does Pac say its on again. For that to be, the war had to stop(right now it is stopped). But why would Pac say that unless he plotted his death, only to return. 2003 it will be on again. 5."I'm seeing nothing my dreams coming true,..." His plot is working. 6.Now you see him, now you don't, some niggaz be here for the moment, then they gone, what happen to them, well lets see, it seems to be a mystery." C'mon that speaks for itself. 7.Listen to him speak at the end. He put his mind to his plot and he did it. Now he's on another level. "Don Killumaniti Seven Day Theory?" Who is the producer Simon? In the bible, Simon helped Jesus carry the cross. Who was helping Pac with his burden?...Suge Knight. What's Joshua Dream? Joshua in the Bible, dreamed of Jesus rising from the dead. Why did Pac have Exit Tupac-Enter Makaveli? Cuz he is a new person. Tupac was killed off. " Ambitionz Az A Ridah 1."Payoff the block, evade the cops, cuz I know they coming for me. I've been hesitant to reappear, been away for years, now I'm back, my adversaries been reduced to tears, question my methods?" That night in Las Vegas, no one seemed to have seened a damn thing. No matter how bad he wants to put an end to this this Puffy crap, he won't. Its not the right time. When he finally does, his enemies will flee, but many will question his methods and why he faked his death to unite, what he calles the "Nigga Kingdom." Fright Night 1."I was stuck in the game, cuz everybody in the industry was fuckin' me man. Listen I got a scheme, break away, do my own thing, drop some conversation, sit back and let the phone ring." The person in the industry that was fuckin around Tupac, was David kenner, with his bogus contract. And Tupac was stuck. But then he tells us to LISTEN, cuz he got a way to get out...faking his death. 2."Niggas, they don't wanna see me rise, NINETY-SEVEN, watch me cut these muthafuckas down to size." What enemy died in 97? You got it, Biggie Smalls. Now Bad Boys', biggest player is gone. 3."Niggas talk a lot of nonsense, I choose to ignore it. A war, they ain't ready for it." He agains talks about a war that his enemies ain't ready for. Will it come in 2003? 7."See the weak shall inherit the Earth and the strong shall lead." Is Makaveli the strong leader that will lead the weak in 2003? 4.The chorus of this song and the title, is something out of a horror film. Like pac is Jason or Freddie Kruger and he asks his enemies what they gonna do when he comes back and comes for them. 041b061a72


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