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Buy Impounded Cars Online

Some of these owners are unwilling or unable to pay the fee. As a result, the car comes into police custody and is impounded in a lot. Since there is limited space in the lot, the cars are often auctioned off at a cheap price.

buy impounded cars online

The auctioning happens after some time has passed with no signs of the owner coming back to claim their vehicle. There are essentially two places one can buy an impounded car; at a live or from an online auction.

Now, in this day and age of digital technology, online auctions are not unheard of. There are many auctioneers that hold online events where you can inspect a car online through pictures and read the details before bidding on it.

Here at RideSafely, we undertake multiple safety measures taken to ensure authenticity. It allows us to conduct auctions on all kinds of vehicles, including impounded cars. We have a large selection of vehicles that ranges from compact cars to trucks, SUVs and even some sports cars.

The Vehicle Impound Section is part of the Property, Evidence, and Facilities Division. Vehicle Impound is responsible for providing and maintaining a storage facility for vehicles confiscated and/or impounded within the scope of police authority, and safeguarding these vehicles until they are disposed of according to law.

When making an inquiry, please have either the license plate number, vehicle identification number, Vehicle Towing Report Number and/or incident/complaint number available to expedite obtaining information on an impounded vehicle.

The District of Columbia now auctions its surplus property online through GovDeals, a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace. The district awarded the contract for the management of the inventory, appraisal, sale and shipping of the city's surplus property to Liquidity Services Inc. LSI conducts auctions of city assets such as vehicles, police automobile accessories, computer equipment, radios and other communications equipment, office furniture and other supplies through its online marketplace. The auctions are expected to improve data tracking and financial oversight of the city's surplus asset disposition activities.Metropolitan Police Department's seized, abandoned and surplus property, including vehicles, are included in these auctions. A public inspection date of the property is included on the web page. All property offered for sale is "AS IS," "WHERE IS," and without recourse against the Government of the District of Columbia.

Taking photos of your vehicle is not allowed. The impound is a secured facility and use of cell phones or cameras inside any of its lots is strictly prohibited. Photographs of the vehicle taken at the time it was impounded can be requested in writing via email through our Civil Liabilities Unit. Additionally, verified insurance agents are authorized to take photographs of vehicles.

Vehicles impounded for special event parking violations near Empower Field at Mile High will initially be towed to Waste Water Management located at 2000 W. 3rd Avenue. The vehicle must be claimed within two hours after the end of the event. A valid driver license and $120.00 will be required to recover the vehicle at the temporary impound location. If the vehicle is not recovered within two hours after the end of the event, the vehicle will be towed to the Vehicle Impound Facility located at 5160 York St. The vehicle can only be claimed during normal business hours for $240.00, plus storage. Proof of ownership, valid photo identification, and proof of insurance will be required.

Auctions are held online, every other week, through Dickensheet & Associates. Learn about age requirements, auction dates, sales lists, payment, and more on the Abandoned and Confiscated Vehicle Online Auction website.

In some cases, the Philadelphia Police Department will relocate cars without ticketing or impounding them. Your car may get relocated if it is parked in a Temporary No Stopping area. If you believe your car has been relocated, call the police district of the area where your car was parked.

There may be numerous reasons why your car gets impounded. But regardless of the circumstances surrounding the impound action, you will have to proceed through several steps to get your car out of the impound lot.

Picture this: you get back to the parking space where you have left your car, only to find the parking spot empty. Naturally, your first thought is to think it has been stolen. However, the far more likely option is that your vehicle was towed and impounded.

In most places, your vehicle can remain impounded for up to 30 days. After that time has elapsed, the tow company/impound lot will put a lien on the car and auction it off to cover its expenses. If the acquired money does not cover the costs, then the impound lot company could potentially try and take you to court for the remaining balance.

Regardless of the reason why your vehicle was impounded, you want to act fast. Start by finding out where your vehicle was towed, contact the impound yard to confirm, then ask for detailed instructions on how to get your car released. Once you have collected all the necessary documentation and paid any applicable fees, you will be able to get your car out of impound.

CSPD Vehicle Auctions will be conducted online weekly as vehicles are available. The online auction will be facilitated by Colorado Springs Utilities and vehicles will be offered for sale through one of two sites: or All interested bidders must register online through each site and may search for vehicles offered by "Colorado Springs Utilities".

Online Requests. For online requests for contact information, use Auto Data Direct. If you obtain the necessary contact information from Auto Data Direct, you will not be required to submit the Form MV-603 to the local county tag office or to the Motor Vehicle Division.

When drivers are caught violating certain traffic laws and are not determined fit enough to drive away from the scene, police have the option to impound the vehicle. Although most owners eventually pay the impound fee to get their cars back at a later date, sometimes they are unable or unwilling to do so, and the vehicle becomes police property.

There are two ways to buy a car impounded by the police: at a live auction or from an online auction. While there are similarities between the two, like the fact that the highest bidder reaps the reward, there are also some inherent differences between each format.

Step 1: Learn about any upcoming auctions. The simplest way to discover if a live auction is scheduled in your region in the near future is to call the police department and ask. Make a note of any upcoming auctions for impounded property and mark it on your calendar for future reference.

Step 4: Complete protocols if you win. If you win an impounded car from a live auction, follow the protocol that auction employs for checking out, which can likely be discovered where you registered.

Buying an impounded car be a great way to own a car at a decent price or even make profit (with some extra effort). If you want to make sure that the impounded car that you are receiving is in great condition, you can have one of our mechanics give the vehicle a comprehensive inspection so that any repairs that are needed can be made.

Vehicles that have been impounded, that are not on an investigative hold, can be picked up during normal business hours at the Impound Yard. The Impound Yard is open 7 days a week at 8 a.m. The gate closes at 4:30 p.m. daily. The Impound Yard is closed on city-approved holidays.

In addition to traditional public and dealer auctions in Virginia, another option for cheap used cars and trucks is to bid on seized vehicles in city and police auctions. While the inventory at these auctions tend to be a lot smaller, it is possible to get a really great deal at a government auction. Most of these are open to the public and do not require a special license or membership fee in order to bid and purchase. Just be sure to contact the auction location to verify when their next scheduled auction will be. 041b061a72


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