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The Freeway Killer: Lost Murder Tapes [NEW]

In 1970s California, a serial killer dumps young boys' bodies along the freeways. An L.A. street reporter on the case receives information that embroils him in the dilemma of a lifetime. Decades later, lost confession tapes help experts uncover the truth.

The Freeway Killer: Lost Murder Tapes

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I've seen a few of these sort of serial killer documentaries, including another series that included the freeway killer. It was way better than this one.The 70's and 80's saw a whole hell of a lot of serial killers in Los Angeles. Who knows what was going on back then, but there sure were a lot of killers dumping bodies all over the place.This doc just doesnt connect. It basically goes like this: Murder. Play some tapes of the killer talking about it. Interview an expert. Repeat.It's so repetitive that you get bored early on. I just didnt feel it was very well done.And where's the incite about why there were so many serial killers around this time?

Forgotten serial killers of the 70's and 80's, william bonin, the freeway killer of california, more or less bound to 4 counties in the l.a. Area. Luring young teenage kids into his van, sexually molesting, torturing and killing at least 21 in a record short timeline, attacking gender confused boys and streetboys, living out his psycho/sosio.pathic view against/toward homosexuals. A complex criminal figure, where extremely lot of material were confidetialized, due to several reasons, how he got caught were just a shot of luck.I do really wonder why they made a film about this caracter, cause there mustve been material for at least a 6 hour docu series in these tapes and interviews. I think that wouldve been a deed of replanishment from the justice department towards the lgbtq+ society to reveal what he did to their gender brothers. But at least a very well sewn together real crime documentary, loads of old pictorial and news media reels of historic value, and the motto must be... dont hitch hike whatever reason...even a grumpy old man knows that. A must see for the TC geeks. 041b061a72


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