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Fluffy By Julia Kent

Today, we're going to focus on fluffy romance novels, the kind of books that make your heart clench with happiness as you make your way through the pages of the book. Thought there are tons of fluffy romances out there to enjoy, we found 10 excellent ones you love to dive into.

Fluffy by Julia Kent

The cover of Baking With A Rockstar alone promises a sweet, fluffy book! Hudson Mitchell is looking for a break from his fast-paced, rockstar life and living in the public eyes. So he heads to Brooksville, California, the place he considers home. It's also where single mom Charlie lives, wanting to create better life for her small family. Her job at a bakery is the kind of thing the will help her recover from her past. Along the way, Charlie becomes an important part of Hudson's life and, surprisingly, his career too. 041b061a72


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