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Buy Concrete Saw

A cut-off saw is used by firefighters, construction workers, contractors and others to cut through hard materials like steel, tiles and concrete. Here is what you should know about the gasoline concrete cut-off saws available for sale on eBay.

buy concrete saw

The jobs you can accomplish with a concrete saw are impossible to do with any other power tool. If you are cutting concrete, brick or tile for any decorative or functional necessity, such as cutting expansion joints, you need a concrete saw with a diamond blade in your toolbox.

If you are a landscaper or a construction business, or if you have a lot of DIY projects planned, and will be needing a concrete saw consistently then purchasing one will be a good investment. With proper care and regular maintenance, your concrete saw will last you many years and will eventually pay for itself by widening the options of jobs you can now accomplish/offer.

The type of job will determine the type of saw you need. What kind of cutting depth does your job require? If you need a straight line or even a cut, you will need to buy a concrete saw with a built-in laser guide.

Before purchasing your concrete saw, convenience is really important in ensuring you have made the right choice. Here is a few questions you can ask whilst research the different models of concrete saws:

Concrete saws are most commonly used for cutting control joints and expansion joints into concrete with diamond blades. This prevents cracking in concrete slabs and sidewalks when expansion and contraction occur during temperature changes.

Diamond Cut Concrete are the industry leaders in concrete cutting. Whether your project or job requires concrete demolition or concrete slab expansion joints, Diamond Cut Concrete ensures high-quality and professional results every time.

When purchasing a concrete saw, you can select one meant for wet cutting or dry cutting. This may lead you to wonder which is the better buy. As it turns out, neither is a better buy than the other. Wet cutting and dry cutting have different applications, and the right saw for you depends on what kind of concrete cutting job you are doing.

Dry cutting blades feature segment welds that are designed to prevent overheating, and as a result, they do not require the use of water to cool them. This makes these saws suited to smaller jobs where clean cuts are needed, and a low RPM can still get the job done. Decorative patterning is just one concrete job that is better suited to dry cutting than wet cutting.

Wet cutting is for jobs where more control over concrete dust is necessary, and when there is concern about the blade overheating. The cuts are efficient and safe, but because of the use of water, the job site can end up much messier. Wet cutting blades are used for some concrete and masonry work, and almost always for tile work.

I am glad that your article mentions the differences that come to mind when the processes of wet cutting and dry cutting are taken into account. As someone who wants to start their own concrete cutting business in the future, I am glad to find that both saws are versatile in their functionality. It appears that both types of cutting will be easy to work with in the case of concrete grinding, as they will be precisely cut without having to worry about excess material or uneven surfaces.

The Marshall Board of Public Works reviewed bids for purchasing a walk-behind concrete saw during their regular board meeting Dec. 29, 2022. According to unofficial meeting minutes, Underground Facilities Director Grant Piper presented two bids, stating Husqvarna model included an extra year warranty and parts readily available. That bid came in at $33,780. The other bid for a Diamond Products saw came in at $32,600. Both bids were from Logan Contractors Supply in Olathe, Kan. Board members approved the bid for the Husqvarna.

Concrete saws are used to cut concrete and other materials, primarily powered by either gas, electric, battery, or hydraulic power. These Husqvarna saws are available in sizes from 9" to 16" diameters.

Concrete saw cutters make cutting concrete and other stone materials quick and easy with a high speed diamond blade. Electric and battery operated versions have also increased in popularity as more users are shifting towards pollutant free, indoor compatible saws over traditional gas units.

A cut and break saw is typically used for quickly cutting off pieces of concrete that are too large to fit into a crusher or for making up to 12 inch deep cuts in sidewalks. The K760 saw is powered by a 5HP electric motor and is capable of cutting up to 16 inches deep with a 9 inch diamond blade . The saw comes with Vibration Reduction technology which minimizes vibration and noise so that your hands will be protected after lengthy use.

Let us help you attack the problems of cutting through concrete from every angle imaginable with a wide range of job-tested Hilti Concrete Cutting saws. And compare the range of corresponding diamond-coated and abrasive blades available to help you satisfy just about any concrete cutting need.

Thanks to our Equidist technology incorporated in the production of our SPX premium blades, every diamond in the blade is precisely positioned in the segment for continuously high cutting performance. The new segment geometry optimizes the number of exposed diamonds leading to a higher cutting performance and extra-long lifetime, even under the toughest conditions like when faced with highly reinforced concrete.

Marsh Preformed Saw-Cut Loop Kits come in a dozen different sizes, with sealant and your choice of four lead-in lengths. A concrete saw is used to cut a rectangular pattern in the concrete or asphalt, and after the wire is laid into the pattern, it is sealed with polyurethane (included) applied with a caulk gun.

One of the pains of specifying and installing tile over concrete is figuring out the proper way to keep tile intact despite substrate cracking due to shrinkage. Unfortunately, many installation guidelines for crack isolation membranes result in numerous cuts in the middle of the tiles that can detract from the overall aesthetics of the floor. (See Figure 1). What do you do, as a contractor or specifier?

Movement joints in concrete allow the concrete to move without restraint; they control where the movement manifests to avoid random cracking in finish materials or to allow for expansion and contraction in the concrete. Types of concrete movement joints include expansion joints, cold joints, and control (or saw cut) joints.

Expansion joints and cold/control joints are installed in concrete to allow for natural expansion and contraction with temperature changes. These joints must be honored through the tile installation so that the entire system can expand and contract with temperature changes, as outlined in TCNA EJ171.

Control/saw cut joints are designed to force the concrete to crack along the saw cut during the curing process. As moisture leaves the concrete it will shrink, causing it to crack. These cracks are not expansion joints. Instead, they are put there to control where the concrete shrinkage cracks occur.

TEC HydraFlex Waterproofing Crack Isolation Membrane is the only liquid-applied, crack isolation membrane, that allows the installer to bridge the saw-cut joints in concrete. When applied in full coverage using TCNA F125-Full installation method, this allows the installer the choice NOT to insert soft joints directly above or near saw cut joints as all competitive products require, meaning no cuts are required through the tile due to the saw-cut joint.

Stihl cut-off saws are low-maintenance concrete saws that are portable and easy to use. The grip style minimizes the vibration levels of the saw reducing operator fatigue. Every gas-powered Stihl saw comes with standard features including an X2 air filtration system that cleans 99.96% of intake air before it even gets to the engine. This will help keep your Stihl saw off the repair bench. Stihl concrete saws also have an advanced fuel-efficient engine for optimal cutting performance. Stihl gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered concrete saws are designed for clean and smooth concrete cutting. Benefits include a lightweight body, a smooth-running engine, and virtually maintenance-free filters. Cut with confidence with these high-speed Stihl concrete saws.

For quick, smooth and low-vibration wet cutting through concrete, hard stone, in suitable conditions brick and ductile cast iron pipes, pre-sharpened diamond segments. The diamond abrasive chain is ready to cut from the start. The chain is lubricated by water which is delivered to the chain via the inside of the special cutter bar. 041b061a72


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