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Forest Vilage

Forest villages (Greek: δασικά χωριά, sing. δασικό χωριό) are artificially created villages in remote mountainous regions of Greece established by law in 1995 (FEK 170/Β/14-3-1995) for tourism purposes. According to the law, they comprise a "grouping of simple living arrangements in remote forest regions, intended for visitors of mountains and forests who want to be able to stay in relative comfort near the wilderness".[1]

forest vilage


Those arrested were accused of farming in Bukit Daun, a protected forest. The last arrests that Yoyon, who goes by one name, can recall came two years before his election, when six villagers were held.

The village of Taba Padang is one of many scattered across Indonesia, where impoverished communities have for generations lived within or nearby forests. Their efforts to make a living from the natural riches around them have often run up against the interests of those with more power, such as the government or private companies.

The Foxbloom can be found via foraging in The Ridge Forest on a random Sunday of any season only if the weather is Sunny and you have the Relic Fox Mask in your inventory when you enter the forest. The flower will appear in front of one of the seven colored crystals in the forest. (See below.)

Two types of foxes will appear in the forest. The first is known as the Mistfox; it can be identified by its overall purple color and blue-green mist emanating from its body. Mistfoxes appear by the crystals in the forest on days when the Mountain Mistbloom grows, so during Rainy weather. They are the same type of fox as the one that is summoned by The Ring of the Ridge Deities.The other type of fox that appears in the forest is the Foxbloom Fox. These foxes appear on days when the Foxbloom grows in the forest, so they are much rarer to encounter. They are the same type of fox as the one that is summoned by The Fairy Doe Fox's Ring. 041b061a72


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